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Who We Are

We are a family-owned company that has been active in the furniture business for over 120 years spanning five generations of the Shafner family. We have been repairing, restoring, and refurbishing furniture for customers in Israel since 1999 and in the USA since 1898. Our family business, originally called, Shafners Fine Furniture, was founded by our great, great grandfather, Samuel Shafner, in New London, Connecticut, who started out refurbishing and selling second-hand furniture from his horse and wagon.

Our Services

5-year guarantee on all wood gluing!

Chair and other furniture regluing

We repair and strengthen thousands of broken and loose chairs, tables, and all types of furniture every year using only the highest quality materials and glues.

Refinishing & Refurbishing

Burn and water damage, as well as antique restoration.

Table extensions

We stock special table slide mechanisms that can be installed on most types of tables which when extended, provide additional seating.

Freight Damage Estimates

The Furniture Doctor handles hundreds of freight damage claims from overseas as well as local moves and work closely with many of these companies.

Sofa Frame/Recliner Repair

Often, the internal metal mechanism breaks or bends, or the original hardware loses strength over time. Many times, the wood frame breaks and needs repairing or replacing. Once repaired, the item will be as strong, or stronger than it initially was.

Seat Core Replacement

We remove the fabric and foam then make a new seat core from high-density plywood to the exact shape and size of the broken core. The Furniture Doctor will then replace the foam and reattach the fabric. The new core is so strong it’s like having a new chair!

Cane Seats/Backs Replacement

When the cane of your chairs cracks or splits, the Furniture Doctor will remove the damaged area and install new cane to match the original.


High quality leg tips protect your furniture from vibration damage and reduce the noise when moving your furniture. As well as furniture markers to touch up areas on furniture that is missing color from scratches, scrapes, water, sun damage etc.

What Our Clients Say

“Mr. Shafner’s expertise in furniture refinishing and repair is of an extremely high standard. The result was that an old and worn dining room set now looks like it has just arrived from the factory.”