Is it worthwhile fixing an older piece of furniture, or throwing it out and buying a new piece?

A) If the furniture has sentimental value then it’s almost always worth keeping.

B) Older furniture was made on a much higher level than the new furniture they sell today and is definitely worth repairing. 

C) If an older piece of furniture does not match the rest of your décor, the Furniture Doctor can gladly match the color of the item with your current collection using the latest methods and materials.

At what point should you fix your furniture?

When chairs or tables start to wobble, it’s a sign that the joints are unglued and coming apart. It’s best to fix them sooner rather than later, because when there’s movement in the joints, breakage can often occur, causing the repair to be more difficult and costly and sometimes even lead to injury. Cosmetic repairs, such as missing color, scratches, etc. can be done whenever the timing is right for you.

Is it smart to use a handyman to fix my furniture?

We generally recommend a furniture professional for all repairs, no matter how big or small. When using someone inexperienced it could lead to future problems and higher costs to repair.  For strengthening furniture, it’s smarter to use a company that repairs your furniture on a high level so it will last, and you won’t need to fix that area again. Plus, with the Furniture Doctor you get our 5-year warranty.

How long is our guarantee for?

When we glue a piece of furniture, it is guaranteed for 5 years, wherever we glued it.  Table Slides also come with a 10-year guarantee. Our cosmetic and refinishing work come with a 90-day guarantee. Other repairs that we do, such as hardware replacement, etc. has a 90-day guarantee. Generally, our repairs last a very long time!

Do you handle freight damage estimates and what is the process?

Yes, we do hundreds of freight damage estimates, for shipments from overseas, as well as local moves every year! Most of the freight and insurance companies know us and have used us over the last 20 years.  First, we come and do the estimate for the damages that occurred. If after the claim is submitted, you decide that you would like some or all of the items repaired, just let us know. We will repair them either on site or in our repair facility.

Can temperature and humidity damage my furniture?

It’s very important to keep wood and upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight as it can discolor or “lighten” the wood or fabric over time. In addition, moisture or contact with water can damage your furniture by expanding the wood so it’s raised or can even discolor the wood. We always recommend using a coaster if any drink is being placed on any wood surface, hot or cold!

Can furniture be repaired if pieces are broken off or missing?

In most cases, they can. Always save any pieces that have broken off. Very often we can replace the missing part/s with either identical or similar pieces that can be matched to your existing furniture.

Can existing finishes be matched?

,It is a very difficult process to match the existing finish exactly; but at The Furniture Doctor, we strive to get as close as possible. There are a few uncommon finishes that are difficult to match. Sometimes we have to special order these finishes, if possible. In most cases we are able to create a finish that blends with the rare finishes, so that the pieces of furniture look almost identical.

How do your estimates work?

There is a 100 NIS + vat estimate fee to come to your house, see what needs to be done, and give you an estimate based on what we can see at the time. If you agree with the estimate, then we take your furniture (or in some cases it will get fixed on the premises) back to our warehouse to begin repairs. If upon further inspection we see additional work is needed that was not discovered in your home, we will send you a revised estimate and will only begin work once you have agreed to any additional costs. There are no secret or hidden fees with the Furniture Doctor, we believe in upfront and honest work, so all parties are happy.

How do I get my furniture to sit level on an uneven floor?

In some cases, it’s a matter of slightly trimming down one of the legs to make them all sit evenly.  For more complex jobs the Furniture Doctor imports special hardware, that can be inserted into the wooden legs of tables, couches, buffets, etc. Any time a leg is not sitting level on the floor, you just have to twist the adjustable leg either up or down to stop the wobbling.

Is work done in the house, or in your repair facility?

Most items are picked up and the work is done in our repair facility. There are times where it’s better not to move a heavy or delicate piece, and we do the work on site. Complete refinishing of furniture cannot be done in the house. It must be done in our professional spray room. Refurbishing however can be done in your house.

Why are leg tips useful and protective?

The Furniture Doctor imports and sells special leg tips that raise the furniture slightly higher than the floor. When the floor is washed, the water touches and discolors the bottoms of chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. If the furniture has leg tips, then the water often doesn’t contact the wood, which protects it. Additionally, our leg tips allow the chairs to glide smoothly and silently on most hard floors. By sliding smoothly, the chairs will often last longer before they become loose or shaky as the vibrations from the movement may damage or loosen your furniture over time.

Extending dining tables-how does it work?

Many people have a table that they really like, but it seats a limited number of people when opened. What if you want to accommodate more people?  The Furniture Doctor stocks special table slide mechanisms in 3 sizes that can be installed on most types of dining tables that allow the table to open much longer than it originally did. Our table slides are made of heavy-duty steel, so they are much stronger than the original slides. On our large table slide, there is a special part that allows us to attach a center wood leg to the middle of the table slide, so when it is opened all the way, there is extra support in the middle. We have done hundreds of these table slides all over the country and customers love them!  Of course, you will need extra leaves for your table once it has been extended.