5-year wood gluing guarantee

In most places you have to pay extra for even a basic warranty, but with the Furniture Doctor, it comes standard

The Furniture Doctor we pride ourselves on retaining lifelong customers. What brings our customers back to us for all their furniture gluing repairs? Is it our reputation, our skill or our exceptional customer service? It’s all the above plus our 5-year guarantee.

Nowadays most repairs come with a 90-day to 3-year guarantee whether it’s for a car or a computer, but at the Furniture Doctor we give our customers a 5-year Guarantee. Really? Yes! Because our gluing repairs are that good and we stand behind our work!

All wood furniture that we glue is guaranteed to not to open or come apart where it’s been glued. 
The Furniture Doctor wants you to enjoy your furniture that we have repaired for many years to come.