Special Leg Tips and Furniture Markers

Special Leg Tips: Our High Quality leg tips protect your furniture from vibration damage and reduce the noise when moving your furniture. Additionally they literally “raise” your furniture off the ground, protecting your furniture from water which can discolor and damage your furniture over time. Can be used on wood chairs, tables, sofas, chests, beds, bedroom furniture etc.  Imported from the USA. (to be used on hard floors not carpeting). You might thank us but your neighbors will thank you! Speak to the Furniture Doctor today about how to best protect your furniture

Furniture Markers: These high quality markers that are specially imported from the USA are designed to be used to touch up areas on furniture that is missing color from scratches, scrapes, water, sun damage etc. They come in over 25 colors so you won’t have a problem finding one to match your furniture. For a more in depth job speak to us about our full cosmetic or restoration work.